Playful games are the talk of the town this week with both Fortnight and GameJam  taking place.

The magical immersive, experience based on the interactions and communications of daily life that is Fortnight started on Monday at 00:01 with a hand delivered letter to the door of each participant. A few of us at Micro Commission HQ have become avid “fortnighters” and have embarked on a poetic, reflective and very entertaining journey through Manchester having daily exchanges with a mystery correspondant, discovering secret or new places. Oh and there’s also ducks involved! If you feel frustrated by having missed it, follow the fortnight blog, or get a taste of every day on the trail. Or, for a more confusing but entertaining snapshot, you can also follow @Mcrfortnight on Twitter.

If you want to get involved in making and playing new games over the weekend, then don’t miss GameJam! Plotted by the wonderful people at Madlab, this weekend promises to bring together artists, designers, audio specialists and everyone in between to invent, build and play new video games! The event is now sold out but tickets returns are still coming in so if you are interested try your luck. All the games will be available online afterwards too. Check out the Madlab website for all details